We are the first 100% wet cleaners of Marin.

Corte Madera Cleaners has won numerous awards throughout the past 33 years. Notably, the business was awarded “Best Cleaners” by the Bay Area Consumer’s Check Book twice (in 1996 and 2002). We have built up a very good reputation with the community and customers for over three decades!

Wet Cleaning System
Are you wearing a sweater cleaned by toxic chemicals?
Are you sleeping wtih a chemically cleaned comforter?

Professional wet cleaning provides a superior alternative! It is a solvent free method of caring for your garments.

Facts about wet cleaning:

Wet cleaning is the safest method in garment cleaning, utilizing a gentle washing machine, biodegradable soaps and conditioners, and various types of pressing and re-shaping equipment that is specialized for many different fabric and fiber types. The most important aspect of successful wet cleaning is experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and proper ways to finish garments by operators.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning. It does not use hazardous chemicals. It does not generate hazardous waste. It does not create air pollution and reduces potential for water and soil contamination. The specialized detergents and conditioners used in the wet clean process are milder than home laundry products.